domingo, 7 de junio de 2009

Cosas Domingueras

Como cada domingo, me desperté y lo primero que hice fue checar Post Secret.
Y cuando prendo la computadora se conecta automáticamente el messenger; y ví un artículo de MSN que me dió curiosidad (pensando qué mamadas podían haber escrito) y acabé sorprendida.

El artículo se llama "Five Relationship Rules You Should Break" y en resumen, van así:

Rule #1: You can't check out anyone else
Why you should break it:
You're in a relationship; you're not dead... Noticing the scenery isn't a sign that your guy doesn't do it for you anymore. "It's human nature to be attracted to other people"... It's important to respect your significant other, so you don't want to be too obvious or make a habit of looking... Obviously, there's a difference between staring slack-jawed and simply appreciating a nice view.

Rule #2: You have to give each other the play-by-play of your day
Why you should break it:
You already know it's not cool to attach yourself to his hip. Well, the same thing goes for drawing him a mental map of your daily grind.

Rule #3: Sex always has to be spontaneous
Why you should break it:
The constant carnal craving that most twosomes experience early in a relationship sparks lots of anytime, anywhere sex. Unfortunately, it doesn't last. Eventually, daily pressures can put a damper on your desire. "Many people erroneously believe that to be happy as a couple, you need to be having frequent, spontaneous sex," says Ianni. "But you have to work at maintaining an exciting sex life."

Rule #4: You have to resolve every conflict
Why you should break it:
Forget the old adage that you should never go to bed angry. Despite your feminine urge to fix a problem now, it often pays to sleep on it ... or drop the matter completely.
What is important when you don't see eye-to-eye is being able to communicate your feelings. "If you bottle up your emotions, you set yourself up for a far worse explosion later,"... But speaking your mind doesn't necessarily mean finding a tidy resolution.

Rule #5: You need to deep-six your exes
Why you should break it:
There's no reason to cut off contact with someone you genuinely care about. Just because it didn't work out romantically between the two of you doesn't mean you have to wind up hating each other.
However, there are certain codes of behavior that you need to respect. First, keep the camaraderie casual. "Make a conscious effort to refrain from doing anything that would make your current boyfriend feel threatened or jealous," ... In other words, it's okay to meet your ex for a quick cup of coffee; it's not okay to get together for an hours-long romantic dinner.

I won't be bashing Cosmo too much next time.

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