martes, 23 de febrero de 2010

The ghosts of you and me

We can now proceed to haunt each other eternally.

lunes, 15 de febrero de 2010

I realized this long ago

I will never be
whatever it is I'm supposed to be
at any given time.

I will just, you know, be me.

Matchbox 20 - Hang

She grabs her magazines
She packs here things and she goes
She leaves the pictures hanging on the wall, she burns all
Her notes and she knows, she's been here too few years
To feel this old

He smokes his cigarette, he stays outside 'til it's gone
If anybody ever had a heart, he wouldn't be alone
He knows, she's been here too few years, to be gone

And we always say, it would be good to go away, someday
But if there's nothing there to make things change
If it's the same for you I'll just hang

The trouble understand, is she got reasons he don't
Funny how he couldn't see at all, 'til she grabbed up her coat
And she goes, she's been here too few years to take it all in stride
But still it's much too long, to let hurt go(you let her go)
And we always say, it would be good to go away, someday
But if there's nothing there to make things change
If it's the same for you I'll just hang
The same for you
Well I always say, It would be good to go away
But if things don't work out like we think
And there's nothing there to ease this ache
But if there's nothing there to make things change
If it's the same for you I'll just hang

martes, 9 de febrero de 2010


1. Estimado ciudadano europeo: Si te sientes en la necesidad de decirme que el gobierno de mi país es una mierda, que cómo es posible la brutalidad y el narcotráfico, que creías que todos los mexicanos son negros y feos y te sientes autoridad en materia ecológica o al menos "estás haciendo una diferencia" utilizando paquetes que emiten menos CO2 o manejando un coche híbrido: CHINGA TU MADRE.
Porque el gobierno de mi país será una mierda pero es mi puto país. Porque el narcotráfico existe gracias a que estúpidos drogadictos como tú siguen estando dispuestos a financiarlo. Porque tu pinche ignorancia no puede ver más allá de un estereotipo, cuando supuestamente tus conocimientos están infundados en educación y conocimiento cosmopolitas. Y porque no sabes realmente el impacto que tiene el CO2 en la atmósfera, porque ni los científicos lo saben de cierto, y eres un iluso creyendo que porque llevas tu propia bolsa al super eres un chingón cuando en la vida había visto una cultura tan orientada al "empaque individual", ergo contaminando más desde la producción hasta el desecho.

Gracias. Tenía que sacarlo.

2. Estimados twitteros usuarios de #retenes: Ojalá que no sea un borracho esquiva retenes el que mate a alguno de sus seres queridos. Aunque si son lo suficientemente irresponsables/egoístas/estúpidos como para creer que manejar borracho/después de haber tomado es una buena idea -- entonces espero que cuando ustedes esquiven un retén se estampen derechito en una pared.
Que ya queda poco oxígeno y no se puede andar derrochando en imbéciles.

Hasta aquí mi odio, por ahora :)

jueves, 4 de febrero de 2010

It's just one of those days

You know how our brain is divided into two hemispheres.
My brain's not responsible for anything I do. It's way too busy with its own business. There's an ongoing war inside my head. Left vs Right vs Left vs Right.
The right side, which controls my body's left side (a particularly clumsy and slow left side) is the depressive part of me. If it was up to it, I'd stay in bed everyday hoping for the ceiling to fall on me. This is also the part of my brain responsible for the most romantic, and also the most dark, thoughts. As you'd expect, these thoughts rarely come out of my head since this side can't really be bothered to do anything about it. Will it make a difference? Will it make the outside world a little less big? Will it make me a little less small? -- (I did not use smaller/bigger respectively on purpose)
And then we have the left side of my brain, which controls the very strong and ugly but still very optimistic part of me (I say ugly, because if you saw my profile on the right side it's nowhere nearly as beautiful as the left side (I'll say beautiful because I want to)). This part of my brain is particularly devoted to tire the left side with contradictory thoughts. And when the work is done for the day, it completely blocks anything the left side has to say. I sometimes think of this side as the bully in my head. But then again, this is also the part of me that makes me get out of bed every morning (or almost every morning) because it's just eager to see what's out there. Maybe there's something new, something that might just do the trick for today. Something to keep me interested on living, just because it's fun to find out what's next. This side is also responsible for those lame attempts to hit the wall, for changing gears in my car and for my terrible handwriting.

Every night, while I'm asleep they fight. As a result, I get wicked crazy dreams. I know Left won when I wake up and I don't feel a thing.

______scattered thoughts.

So my brain's basically siamese twins that hate each other.


It's a weird feeling

Wishing I was wrong when I know I'm right.