jueves, 20 de agosto de 2009

Parte 2

*Family guy.
*Talking and talking about national health care systems
*Then somehow jumped to catholicism and its absurd ways
*I really couldn't answer who I am. What makes me me. It's not the memories, those could be inserted into someone elses brain and it wouldn't make it me. It's not my name, it's not what I look like. Soul. Is there a soul? How can something that cannot be perceived in any way (other than say, emotional) have real effect on matter? -- touchy subject!
*Do we really have free-will? Neuroscience proving otherwise.
*Fucking cool chat, but man, my eyelids feel heavy as concrete.
*And, I fell asleep.
*Aaaaaaaaaaaaaah, hace no se cuanto no dormia tantas horas seguidas. Descanso total. No estoy del todo relajada, pero aqui se me cortan los brazos con navajas.
*Cada palabra es una bala. Cada silencio, una granada.
*No se si salir a caminar, hmm hmm.
*No me gusta que Houston no parezca una ciudad de verdad si no un periferico verdaderamente estilizado. I think there's nowhere worth walking to.
*Fuck it, I'm walking

walking walking, walking.


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