domingo, 10 de julio de 2011

Something someone wrote for me (after I showed him A's monologue)

and I want to...

.. Hold your hand, I want to stroke your hair and wipe your tears away. I want to be there and see you smiling, I want to listen to you tell me about your day about the hot guy at the bus stop and let me get jealous even though you've come home to me. and always do. and you won't ever stop kissing me either and I pretend to get annoyed when really it makes me feel alive inside, everytime. and I want to see you in the moonlight, and kiss you as the sun sets, and hold you through the sun rise surrounded by the morning dew. I want to go for a drive with you, and get lost and have to sleep in the car because we just can't be bothered to find ourselves again. I want to be amazed you're mine when I see you in the street but you haven't seen me yet. Just try to understand what you might see in me and what you might like for dinner tonight. I'm crazy. For you. and I don't want it to make sense. I slip and I drift, lost my glasses then you give me a direction and it'll all make sense again.

...fall in love with you.


This is the only thing you wrote for me I keep. It's not the best, and certainly not the most brilliant. But it definitely is the most honest. Back when we had nothing to hide. I still can't believe how much we hurt.

You'll always be a part of my heart. And I'm sorry. And I love you.

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